Conqueror of My Flesh

"Humanity should become everything they believe god is."

We Must Effectuate Our Purpose 05/01/16

When we awaken into  higher consciousness, what we must realize is that there will be a constant set of awakenings during our lifetime, and everything that we experience is intended … Continue reading

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We Need to Give Ourselves JBL 12/26/15

“Self love, Self Respect, Self Worth” There is a reason they all start with “Self“, you can not find them in anyone else.” Many of us have challenged our psyche to … Continue reading

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We Need To Find Balance 3/28/15

Operating in our everyday lives we disregard our mental health, which in turn distorts our sense of balance in all aspects of life. Harboring pains and toxins developed or gathered from … Continue reading

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We need to Build a psychic self-esteem 9/19/14

“Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.” The first things we experience are the visual aspects of others, but not in microscopic detail. So why … Continue reading

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We need to say Hello 9/9/14

Anytime I decide to leave the house, I come through the door and feel extremely warmed by my dog Jack. He’s excitable when letting me know how significant it is … Continue reading

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We need to prohibit blame. 9/6/14

Learning Nature vs Nurture opens opportunity to allow excuses because the two contravene change. Nature: genetic inheritance Nurture: environmental factors What about our spiritual experiences? What about those of us who are intuitive … Continue reading

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